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OnCue Home Generator Management System


* Allows homeowners to remotely manage generator performance from
  anywhere in the world
* Relays status messages to you or your local KOHLER dealer
* View real-time status of generator operation
* Observe and/or clear any diagnostic fault codes
* Review a time-stamped history of faults and clearing of faults
* View multiple gensets on one screen*
* Personal computer with Microsoft® Windows® 7 *, Windows® Vista
  or Windows® XP
* Available as an optional kit for the 14/20RES(L), 8.5/12/17/18RES (L)
  and 15/30RESA/REYG
* Only available on 14/20RES models

Load Control Module (LCM)
* If you choose a smaller generator to power your home, the KOHLER
   Load Control Module can help manage higher electrical loads. During
   a power outage, the entire home will be connected to generator power,
   but some circuits may by cycled on and off to prevent overloading.
* The Load Control Module automatically manages up to six residential
  loads: four power relays for management of non-essential secondary
  loads and two relays to control two independent air conditioner loads.
* An LED display shows which loads are being powered and which loads
  have been shed, and LED indicators flash to indicate fault conditions.
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